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X-rays or radiographs are an essential part of any dental care treatment plan.

X-rays are used to aid in:

The procedure is fast, pain-free and is very similar to having a photograph taken. The dentist will cover you with a heavy lead apron to protect your body from the radiation. Next, a small digital x-ray sensor is placed into your mouth and asked to bite down on to a small plastic apparatus – this holds the film in position. Everyone will then leave the surgery and an X-ray is recorded of the targeted area.

A dental X-ray allows the Dentist to examine areas not visible to the naked eye. They are invaluable, giving a great level of information not only about the teeth but also the roots and surrounding bone.

A dentist can use x-rays to:

  • Find disease eg. Tooth decay, infections, cysts etc;
  • Look under fillings, crowns or bridges;
  • Look at the tooth roots;
  • Check the health of bone around the teeth;
  • Determine if periodontal (gum) disease is present;
  • Check the status of developing teeth; and
  • Monitor good tooth health.
Dental X-rays are very safe. They expose you or your child to an extremely low dose of radiation and are only used when absolutely necessary (ie. for an accurate dental assessment or diagnosis). When all standard safety precautions are taken, modern X-ray equipment eliminates unnecessary radiation and allows the dentist to focus the X-ray beam on a specific part of the mouth. In addition to this, a lead body apron that covers the neck, chest and reproduction organs protects the body from any potential stray radiation. At Sunrise Dental Care, as part of Our aim to deliver high quality dental care, we only use modern digital x-ray equipment. Digital x-rays offer a host of advantages over traditional photographic x-rays, including:
  • Greater accuracy and superior resolution. This allows for improved diagnosis and quality of treatment.
  • Safety. They reduce radiation exposure by as much as 80%.
  • Convenience. Digital images are instant, therefore less time consuming.
To compliment this, as part of our aim to also deliver great value, if you have private dental health insurance, we offer a Gap-FREE policy (ie. no out of pocket expense) on all Dental X-rays. (Fund and policy conditions, waiting periods and yearly limits apply.)

We accept all major health funds and are preferred providers for:

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